Mary Massey, RN

Wellness Director / Functional Nurse Coach
Mary Massey, RN Personal Trainer In DFW

As a Registered Nurse & Paramedic as well as a previous Personal Trainer, Mary has a passion for helping people. She suffers from BII, Breast Implant Illness and the many ailments that accompany it. Chronic fatigue syndrome, lowered immune system, Epstein-Barr virus, H-pylori, SIBO – small intestinal bacteria overgrowth, candida, mold toxicity, leaky gut, Long Covid etc. Mary is on a journey to fix herself, so she became a Certified Functional Nurse Coach. This certification focuses on reading and analyzing blood work and different labs to figure out the root cause of illness and how to treat via supplements, proper diet and medication. Mary works with many doctors using several protocols to help with the above issues.

We were inspired to add the Wellness amenities such as the Infrared Sauna, Red Light Therapy and Leg Compressions because these modalities are highly recommended by these doctors to help treat many ailments and improve overall energy and health.